Education is the key to it all.

Before I studied abroad, I spent two years in Undergrad searching for my passion. After initially choosing to be a Management major, I realized History was my true passion. While I enjoy(ed) studying History, however, I knew that it wouldn’t be my profession.

History led me to great professors, who led me to study abroad, which led me to a year in South Korea. It was here that I realized my passion/destiny/self-fulfillment lies in “International Relations”. Through studying and ‘living’ through international relations, I became aware of what I truly believe is the answer to world Harmony: International Education. It is here where I also realized that I will be forever sculpting/defining/re-shaping my idea on how I can contribute to the realm of international education.

While I am specifying international education, this theme will contain many different musing and observations about multiple aspects of Education in general.

Education is the key to a successful society > a successful society pushes and helps to lift and educate other societies > successful societies are the key to a harmonized world.