— This will purely be about me and an update for friends and family, just an fyi! —

I’m coming home.

And no, not just to visit. I am coming home for good. At least for the foreseeable future. August 5th.

I have mentioned a few times about the job I am / was beginning this September in Shanghai. It involved creating and teaching a Pre – Departure / English Language 6 – month booster program to be taught in multiple high schools in China to students who were planning to study in American high schools Fall 2016.

Unfortunately, the actual teaching part isn’t going to start until December. I’m still going to be writing the lesson plans, creating the lesson material, and training the Teaching Assistants and incoming teachers with our program during the fall, but I will no longer be living in Shanghai. I have been working on this since January, so I do not want to stop now. And it has been a great experience and a really cool concept. Most importantly, it is an income!

The truth is, I really wanted to get back to America. Too often expats get “stuck” in Asia; especially in China. I don’t want to live out my 20s in Shanghai; rather I want to be in the states with my family, friends, and my girlfriend.

Now, I will be focusing on obtaining my official state teaching license. I really want to do education administration ( like a principle or dean of a program) and all of those careers start with teaching! I also really enjoyed teaching this year, so might as well stick with something I enjoy.

But first — I have two old friends visiting me in China for two weeks. After, I will be in Thailand & Malaysia for 5 weeks! Life isn’t so bad after all 😛

Have a great summer and see you all soon