Helllllllo Everyone

Just got off skype with Momma and figured I should write a blog post of the last 48 hours. Wow has it been quite the ride. First off when I landed in Shanghai I did not realize I would be taking a bus to Hangzhou, not a plane. So I had to find my bus and then try to connect with my foreign liaison to pick me up, quite the little predicament. Once I got picked up, however, it was smooth sailing onto the next culture shock! We went to my school and I got to see my office and where I will be teaching, both are pretty cool but I will be doing some cleaning tomorrow!! We then went to my apartment, which is super sick. The place was built last year and it is a studio. I am on the 11th floor, so my view is amazing as well. Here are some pics…

Kitchen/Front of Room                  Room 027Room 028                 Outside View



I have unpacked most of the my stuff, now I just need to make it more “homey”. I am planning to buy some plants and such to give it a better feel! I will update whenever I actually go through with it.

My foreign liaison officer, Ward (his English name) has been showing me the city and getting all the essentials out of the way. This included the all-encompassing medical test, bank account, bus pass, and police registration. Busy busy day but I now feel so much more comfortable with living here in Hangzhou and trying to navigate my way around the city. I have quickly come to realize that this will be much, much more different than my time in Seoul. First off, I have not seen a single foreigner the entire time. This city has 3 million people, yet I feel like I am the only American/white person. Second, my Chinese must improve in order to survive. I cannot stress that point enough, but this is what I wanted since I want to improve. Third, the food is wayyyyy more exotic, and yes people I will be posting some pictures for you to relish in. This way when your co-worker tries to stump the office with the trivia question, “What part of the cow is a Chinese favorite” you can confidently reply “the tongue” to the impressed looks of your colleagues.

I think that will be it for now. I have cracked the Chinese firewall so feel free to skype/facebook me if you want! Good luck to everyone starting school and enjoy the Minnesota fall.

Cheers bishes,