Fellow Waiguoren 外国人,

     Currently I am in hour three of my nine hour layover in the wonderful airport located in Los Angeles, California. While I am able to enjoy the view of palm trees and tan legs, I spent the first two hours slowly seething over the lack of WiFi (weefee!) connection. To make it worse, I cannot answer the recent phone calls I have gotten (Marisol, CT^2), so I apologize for not answering! Finally, I gave up and decided to go to the bar to just have a jack and coke and naturally the WiFi started working like a charm (unfortunately not the phone)! Moral of the story, always order alcohol change tactics when frustrated.

Anyways, here I am ready to go back to Asialand for another year yet this time my destination is China! For those who do not know, I am currently pursuing my MA in International Education through a unique program offered by Concordia Irvine. After an intensive summer study session (18 credits!) in sunny Irvine CA, I am now heading to China for a year to finish my remaining courses and fulfill one of the main requirements of the program: a completed teaching contract. I will be teaching Western Culture at Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering starting September 8th until the beginning of July (date to be determined). Yes, the history major is teaching at the engineering college, but I am excited to meet different people through this opportunity and learn new insights. After the teaching contract is done I will be completing my Masters thesis (a post on that soon enough) and will be done with the program August 2015! If you are interested in this program, go to http://www.cui.edu/academicprograms/graduate/international-studies and you can concentrate in either International Education, International Business, or International Development. It’s tough but really worth it to get a Masters while getting the year-long abroad experience in China. 

“An investment in Knowledge pays the best Interest” – Benjamin Franklin 

I am really going into this experience with an open mind and ready to embark on new possibilities. I have many different ideas moving forward after this program, but after a year in Korea I realize that anything can change. It was quite difficult leaving my mother this morning once again for a year and realizing how much I am going to miss her and all of you reading this post. She has been an absolute rock and my biggest supporter as I expand my horizons in this unconditional way, I want to thank her, and all of you, for providing me with the love and support in my journey that continues to evolve into something that 18 year old Sam never expected. 

I will update once I am settled into my new home in Hangzhou with pictures and such of my apartment and the area. Right now, I will be enjoying my last couple hours here in America. While I am leaving the States, I am taking with me a little piece of home. I will be using my Grandfather’s 40 year old leather camera holder throughout the year and plan on finding some fun patches to stitch onto it. 

Richard Neuman's Camera Holder
Richard Neuman’s Camera Holder

Take care all and feel free to skype me or facebook chat with me. One of the best things about being abroad for a year is seeing all the new changes that everyone is going through and all the pride that comes with it!! So inspiring. 

Peace and Love,


Samuel Michael Luby